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One of our awesome clients with her trainer @alaineecuvillier meeting up for a great workout! When Darby started she was completing shoulder press with 5lb dumbbells and is now up to 20lb dumbbells in each hand! This woman is doing AWESOME! Keep up your hard work!

Need a trainer? Send us a message? Want to know what Darby is doing? Follow @alaineecuvillier and ask about her plan

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So proud of my client, Darby! Got a message from her the other day that she had reached her first milestone of getting under 200 pounds, and she totally crushed that goal by following her nutrition and workout plan! I even got a message from her yesterday that she is now down to 197.8! This woman had been CRUSHING her goals and workouts and I can’t wait to see all the other goals you crush by following your plan designed by @alaineecuvillier

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What does your typical day look like? Are you filled with energy? Or do you constantly feel drained? Does the picture below look all too familiar. Sluggish in the couch and vegging out to sweets?

I may have your solution to that problem…. A good workout.

WHAT?! If I am tired I should workout?! You must be crazy.

When actually, being active can help increase blood flow, and increase our energy levels naturally. So instead of reaching for another cup of coffee, trying getting out and going for a jog, OR reach out to ARCFIT to design a completely custom fitness program to help you meet your goals, or join us for our FREE weekly online mini live workout session!

It’ll help get you blood flowing which will help you give you the energy you need to finish out your day!

Coming in 2017. Weekly mini workouts AND advice to help change your mentality towards a healthy lifestyle, both physically, and spiritually! See MoreSee Less

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Never miss a Monday! It sets the entire tone for the week! Need some motivation to get your Monday started off right? Starting Monday January 2nd I will be hosting a FREE online fitness and nutrition accountability group! For me details message me, comment "I’m in" below, or email also be follow @alaineecuvillier of @arcfitnessandnutrition updates and home workouts!

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I decided to make the healthy change after discovering I was going to have my son. To be a healthier mother, and the best version of myself I could be, I jumped in and pushed myself. I can help you reach your goals starting today

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Unsure about where to start? Not sure what will work for you?If you have any concerns or questions at all I would be glad to discuss them with you. send me a message or give me a call, 30 minute free consultations are available for all new clients.