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17 hours ago

Alainee Simonson

No matter what seems too hard, know that you, yes YOU, are capable of great things. Move your body, eat mostly good foods, drink the wine, chase your dreams, enjoy YOUR life. Because know one knows what that life should look like but you!

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1 day ago

Alainee Simonson

What would you do if you were coming home, and saw that your home was on fire?

That may be dramatic, but hear me out. You have stop letting fear keep you from living your life boldly, and with complacency. But Alainee, what do you mean?

I mean, STOP.

Stop being afraid of what the other parents at your five year old’s soccer game thinks of you cheering as loud as you can at the game. Stop being afraid of what other’s think of you starting your own business. Stop being afraid of what others think if God forbid you have toys scattered around your house because you just spent all afternoon playing with your kids. And dare I say it, sometimes, just sometimes, you have to stop being afraid of what your husband thinks!

Again, but Alainee, that is my partner! aren’t I supposed to care about what he thinks? On certain things, it is so important to value your husband’s thoughts and opinions. But like every human, he has opinions and they may not always line up with what our own are. For example, your husband may not support that side gig, and whether you realize it or not, that is holding you back form diving in and fiercely pursuing it.

Y’all… No matter what any one thinks, or says, if the only thing standing between you and your kids was a burning building, I would bet you would do ANYTHING to try and save them. You wouldn’t walk up, see your house was on fire, sit on the curb, and say to yourself, "oh, that sucks." You would fight until the VERY end, pushing past the firefighters trying to stop you end, and running over anyone in your way. You have to pursue those dreams with the same passion.

And let me tell you girl, not everyone is going to like that. There will be those who try to stop you, and those whose opinions may seem like a brick wall. But they are not, and in case you need to hear it, you CAN do great things. If not now, when.

Girlfriend, I see you ready, but afraid to chase those dreams, but I am ready to help you get there. I am opening up my September Mentorship, and you can apply using the link in my bio. Nothing can stop you, right?
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3 days ago

Alainee Simonson

To the mama who feel so alone staying home with her littles all day. I see you.

To the woman CRAVING connection, desperately wanting friends she just clicks with. I see you.

To the wife who is always arguing with her husband about finances, and bickering about all the little things that financially appear in life. I see you.

To the SAHM who desperately wants to take her kids out on a play date to somewhere other than the park in 100 degree weather, but is dreading asking her husband for $20 to go to Chick fil a, I see you.

Because I was you. A stay at home mom and wife, trying to figure out life with now one income when we decided it was best I stay home with our kids. The stress of wanting to do things and get things for your kids, but stressing about telling your husband because it is going to cause a fight. When you have to pay for the doctor bill and that means it is extra tight that week.

I was creating my own anxiety, and as much as I love staying home with my kiddos, man was it HARD to get used to that one income when you’ve always had two. So, I did the craziest thing.

I used a credit card, and signed up for this coaching thing because I knew I needed a change, and the change just wasn’t avoidable. It had to happen. I HAD to be able to do things without asking Matt, or dreading when extra bills popped up. I needed to feel like more than just a momma. I needed to feel connected, like someone else just got it.

Thanks to me doing something crazy, I have been able to find connection, make extra money so I’m not always having to ask Matt, and have just lifted a HUGE weight off of mine and my family’s shoulders.

These women here are mamas, teachers, hairstylists, real estate agents, nurses, doctors, waitresses. You name it. We all care together for this crazy thing called coaching and together we are building businesses and CHANGING LIVES. I know it for sure changed mine.

So what’s stopping you from changing yours too? Drop your favorite emoji if you want more info in joining my team! ✨👇
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5 days ago

Alainee Simonson

I NEVER thought I would drive a minivan.

But here I am. Minivan, third row seats, two car seats, and Tad is even playing soccer this fall. I’m like full blown soccer mom mode. Holy cow! For the LONGEST time I said I would never drive a minivan, that I was a third row SUV kind of mom, and yet here I am, in the school pick up line, waiting to pick up my soccer playing kid, in my minivan. 😂

And can I tell you a secret?

I actually like the minivan. It’s so easy to get the kids in and out of. Taking road trips is a breeze, it drives smoothly, and there is plenty of room in the back if I need to pack this car full of stuff! Now, I wouldn’t go as far to say that when the kiddos grow I will buy another minivan (because a 3rd Row SUV is def calling my name) but I’ve embraced the soccer mom, minivan life.

Funny how accepting my minivan has really helped teach me NOT to judge prematurely. Not just about cars, but about people, life, adventures, foods, etc. I was told “don’t judge a book by its cover” more times than I can count, but I think it took a minivan to really let that lesson sink in, funny how the universe does that to us.

That being said, you are WAY more than you are giving yourself credit for. You are the prejudged minivan, and the critic is YOURSELF. “My life is boring,” “I could never do THAT,” “oh, but you’re so pretty,” “no one wants to hear what I have to say.” STOP!

You have SO much to say, and have so much value to give. You just have to stop being your own worst enemy. So, to breakthrough the “I’m not enough mindset” I am accepting applications for my FREE 3 Day Confidence Coaching Series!

Find your VOICE, and your MORE! Apply using the link in my bio! 😘
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7 days ago

Alainee Simonson

Kids teach us the most valuable things.

I know mine have. Like, patience, and learning how to not freak out because someone else wiped a booger on you (#realmomlife), not losing it when your kids are arguing over toys or who isn’t sharing. Any mommas with more than one little out there? 🙋‍♀️😂

Kids also teach us the value of love. Real love. These little humans love us unconditionally and totally rely on us for everything in life. They teach us grace, and how to be better versions of ourselves, because now, someone else depends on us. They teach us about grace, and letting go of things that don’t matter. They teach us to be innocent again, and how to have that childlike fun.

My entire world changed when I had this little man right here, and now, that little man is officially a Kindergartener. Seems like yesterday I was bringing him home from the hospital, and now I’m twiddling my thumbs wondering what I’m going to do until he gets home from school. Really… I have a to do list miles long, but it seems so quiet without my little man here with me today!

So, a girl’s day it is, followed by lots of work during nap times. Counting down until it’s time to get my little man! ✨

What grades are your littles in? Are you excited for back to school?!
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