Accountability Groups

Need extra accountability and motivation on your wellness journey? Most of us do! That’s why I created The Always Rising Collective (ARCFIT) VIP Fit Club! Each month, I host 21 day accountability groups. So, if you’re struggling to lose belly fat, hit a weight loss plateau, or just can’t stay motivated – I am here to help.

What is an accountability group?

An accountability group is a community. A place for you to come together with other individuals looking for the same thing: accountability, encouragement, motivation, and friendly faces to get inspired alongside with on a daily basis. I think that by creating a lifestyle plan that works for you and having people to cheer you on along the way is so important to living a happy, healthy, and fulfilled life. Through this journey, my goal is to help you RISE into a better version of yourself, by living a more joyful, healthier life.

What to Expect During Your 21 Days

  • A custom plan for your goals
  • Accountability and amazing online support
  • Easy to follow meal plans and grocery lists
  • Daily Check Ins
  • Online Fitness Library
  • Program of Choice
  • Recipes and MORE!

What to Expect By Committing to These 21 Days

  • More energy
  • Fewer cravings (yes… I was blown away too!)
  • Real Results
  • Tips and info on how to sustain a healthy lifestyle
  • Less stress
  • Increased confidence

“You are you’re only obstacle.”

Throughout your journey, I am here to support you and share tips with you, but even more so — look around you at all the smiling faces who are here to support you as well. I encourage you to engage with other members, comment on each other’s posts, support each other — I promise that this will create the most beneficial experience for you on your wellness journey, and have noticed the more engaged you are, the better your results are!

Life is About BALANCE

This 21 Day Challenge is not focusing on an extreme weight loss for you to hit quick goals by restricting foods, and having you starve yourself, and then end the 21 days to fall back into bad habits and eat all the things. Rather, showing you how to enjoy life and all the things, and transform your mind into a healthier mindset. This will involve personal development to help create a mindset shift, as well as show you tips and tricks for LASTING change.

I promise you will never have me encouraging you restrict yourself from things you love, but rather than showing you how to incorporate those things into a happy, healthy, balanced lifestyle. The goal is to provide you with a simple plan, making small, consistent changes towards a healthy lifestyle.

We are all in this together, so get ready, get set, let’s THRIVE, let’s create CHANGES, and let’s achieve those GOALS for ourselves!