Planking has become increasingly popular for strengthening core strength, and for a good reason. It works! 5 benefits of doing low plank hold include a toned belly, flexibility, reduced back pain, improving balance and posture, and improve your mood. The tension release provided from doing a plank hold can be extremely mold uplifting.

“Hold your elbows directly under your shoulders and place your wrists in line with your elbows.
Push your body up into your upper back and hold your chin close to your neck (like you’re holding an egg between your chin and your throat).
In this position, brace your abdominals—contract them like expecting a punch in your stomach, squeeze your gluteal (tailbone) and thigh muscles simultaneously while continuing to breathe normally.
Hold a plank at least 20 to 30 seconds. (When using correct form, it is not necessary to hold it for longer than this amount of time.) Rest for approximately one minute and repeat three to five more times.
Start doing the plank using your elbows and toes (feel free to drop to your knees if necessary) and progress up to a high plank when you feel you have developed the necessary strength.”

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