Darby came to me seeking to start working out with a personal trainer. Due to Darby’s busy work schedule, she decided to sign up for one of ARCFIT’s hybrid training programs. By signing up with a monthly hybrid training plan, Darby started getting a monthly workout plan to complete on her own, as well as a 30 minute one-on-one session once a week.

She had an initial weight goal to reach, and within the first couple of weeks, she had managed to reach her first goal and was down 12 pounds just beginning her journey. This woman has not only lost pounds on the scale, but had lost inches and has noticeable weight loss visibly! She has continued to crush her training, and even with a minor setback, she continues to push to follow her eating plan and her training plan.

Today, Darby continues to workout on her own, and strives towards a healthier lifestyle. I love that she has continued a healthy lifestyle, and loves how working out makes her feel. I cannot wait to see what kind of goals this woman is going to continue to crush in her future! I am so so proud of you, and am proud to be able to start this journey with you!

Darby and trainer Alainee during a weekly one-on-one session.