Lorry is one of the very first client’s at ARCFIT, and not just a client, a very special woman to me. I have know Lorry since I was in grade school. Her daughter and I were best friends, and when things were crazy at my home, she wasn’t hesitant at all to take me under her wing and step up to be my other momma! Let me tell you, this woman never ceases to amaze me. Whether it is housing a stinky pre-teen for months, or taking her fitness goals to the next level. This woman is remarkable.

I remember inviting Lorry to join one of my first online fitness and nutrition accountability groups. It was when I had first discovered helping people with their fitness goals was a passion of mine. I was terrified to ask people to even join. However, she happily joined and started with the 21 Day Fix Program, and drinking Shakeology. From the start, I knew Lorry was a very busy woman, and that I may or may not hear too much from her when she started. Occasional check ins to follow up and see how she was doing. Little did I know, Lorry was blowing her workouts out of the water!

She had completely changed her eating habits, and workout habits. Within just months she had lost a tremendous amount of weight and inches around her waist. She had even began running and was starting to complete 5ks!!! It should have been no surprise when I opened my Benbrook, TX studio location, that she was one of the first one’s to give me a call. She signed up with an unlimited fitness session membership and would come Monday-Friday at 5:30am before work! That is dedication! And let me tell you, even when it would just be her and I working out at 5:30am everyday, she made me want to wake up and be there.

Lorry always gives it her all during a workout, is extremely motivating and encouraging, and is such a blast to be around! We would joke about the dreadful morning workout, but everyday, she showed up, ready for the challenge. If there was something she couldn’t master initially, she pushed herself, and worked on it at home until she conquered her goal. Lorry continues to push herself further with each workout, and with her dedication, there is no limit on what she will accomplish. She came in, she crushed her workouts, and not only made her mark on my home family life, but in my fit family life.

Keep crushing it!