Flutter Kicks

Abdominal flutter kicks predominantly targets your abdominal muscles, working the lower abs in particular. They are also a superb workout for your hip flexors, where a large extent of the effect is felt when you are performing repetitions. Exercise Instructions: Start by lying flat on your back on a mat

Squat Pulse

Squat Pulse Exercise Start standing with your feet hip-width apart and arms stretched out in front. Perform a squat (to see squat demonstration video, CLICK HERE) and hold it at the bottom as you pulse a few inches up and down.

Fire Hydrant

The Fire Hydrant Exercise Assume all-fours position Lift leg directly to side and hold for two counts; keep knee at 90 degrees Lower to start position Repeat for specified reps Perform set with opposite leg  

Push Up

Perhaps one of the easiest exercise movements, the standard push up activates nearly every muscle in your body, which yields far more than toned muscles and increased endurance. Push ups increase functional strength, enhance the cardiovascular system, increase whole body muscle definition, prevent shoulders from injury, improve posture, and helps

Body Weight Burpee

A burpee is a full-body conditioning exercise using body weight. – – Difficulty: Beginner