Happy New Year! Today marks a fresh start to a New Year, a New You. A year to crush goals, and start in new, better routines. This January, I will be hosting an online accountability group. January Journey to RISE. This January we will RISE to better habits, RISE above our old selves, RISE above societies expectations, RISE above titles RISE above our self doubt, and RISE together.

I have created this group so everyone knows we can do great things when we RISE together. The media often wants us isolated from one another, but I think the greatest things happen when we come together. You are more than a mom, more than a wife, more than a provider. You are an individual, with goals, dreams, and ideas. You deserve to acknowledge the TRUEST version of yourself and let that person RISE from being buried beneath pressures and expectations.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with self care, and taking the time for yourself. It isn’t selfish, it isn’t vain, we simply need to take those small moments for ourselves, so that we can be our best, and pour our best into those that we love.

Through this accountability group, I hope we encourage each other to RISE up to be our best selves, mentally, and physically, and set lasting lifestyle habits to completely change our life.

Let’s do this. Rising together.