I can’t believe that Easter is just 4 days away!  That means that I need to get my butt in gear and play the Easter Bunny!  With Tad being so young, and me just launching my business, I haven’t really had much time to think about preparing.  I am sad to say that I haven’t even put up Easter decorations. But, this is Tad’s first Easter, and I am going to get some SUPER ADORABLE photos, ha!

One dilemma that I have is with the whole Easter tradition of loading up an Easter basket with chocolate, jelly beans and peeps!  I mean even as a kid I never finished it all. I stashed it away in my closet and I would discover it 8 months later never even opened. Since starting on my health journey, one thing I notice is the amount of sugar parents feed their kids, and how it affects their mood and behavior. We are so quick to diagnose ADD and ADHD and I always wonder if the amount of processed and refined sugars has something to do with. So, really, my little is still mainly breastfeeding, but I figured if I am already thinking about this, then other mamas must be as well!

So, if you are looking for some healthier options for an Easter basket for your kiddos, then this is for you! The key here is to point out is to not deprive kids of anything!  I would still let mine have chocolate (if he were old enough) but don’t let them have an overabundance of it! If you set the tone right now, they will grow up never knowing that difference.  

What are some ideas for a Healthier Easter Basket look like?

A toy-find a toy that your child really enjoys. Basketball, football, barbie, power ranger, etc. Make it something special to them!

Bubbles– it’s spring time and who doesn’t want to be outside blowing bubbles.

All natural fruit snacks

One Chocolate Bunny or Treat-I feel like an Easter Basket just isn’t complete without one chocolate bunny 😉 It does not have to be huge, and you do not have to let them eat it all at once! Remember, this is YOUR standard!

Books– books are always a great way to spend time with your kids instead of rewarding them with food!

Money– Instead of filling their eggs with candy let’s put in a few pennies. Then we can work on our fine motor skills as we put them in the piggy bank plus our counting skills!

Bubble Bath– because what kid doesn’t love bubble baths!!

Movie-A movie your child will enjoy, or even one the entire family will enjoy. Movie night equals fun time as a family!!

New paints and art supplies– to let them shine their creativity.

Play-doh- I know that kids LOVE it and I used to play with it for hours!

Carrot Snacks– Fill these pastry bags with organic gold fish or other healthy snacks including raisins, nuts and craisins and let your kids enjoy!

Later today I will be dying Easter Eggs with Tad, his first time trying, so wish me luck, Sunday we will be going to church and then having our own Easter Egg hunt with my family.  

Everything in moderation and enjoying your family is always the focus. Food and overindulging should not determine your happiness on Easter morning!

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